Sexuality and Gender Studies


I have declared the SGS minor because the classes I’ve taken have given me a broad outlook on life. I enjoy the atmosphere of the classes, and the in-depth information that I can take with me in the future. I hope to use what I have learned combined with my Psychology major to help sexual minorities better understand themselves and to give me a chance to make a difference in someone’s life.

Mandi Ross ’10

All the sexuality classes I have taken have helped me to look at the world in a different way. I look at people through a new lens and have learned to accept all people I meet and use the language of the new sexualities. This minor brings to light people who are marginalized around the world.

Krys Demboski   ’12

When I found out we were able to minor in Sexuality and Gender Studies, I was ecstatic. I love to learn and speak about my social location. The SGS minor will add another dimension to my career goals to become a sociologist.

Tekia Wicks  ’13

I am declaring the SGS minor because I hope to study gender and sexuality in my future career. I believe this minor will open new doors for students that wish to broaden their horizons regardless of career path.

Lisa Craig  ’11

I am completing the five year program for a Masters in Education. My major is Psychology with a double minor in both Education and Sexuality and Gender Studies. I plan to eventually become a marriage counselor.

Courtney Saunders ’13

A passion of mine has always been understanding human sexuality and gender. The SGS minor ties into the Sociology major. Combined the major and minor will lead me into becoming a counselor for the LGBTQA youth community with a full understanding and knowledge of the field of study.

Cierra Glasscho ’12

I jumped at the opportunity to delve into a program that would not only prepare me for the future- but also the here and now. The SGS minor puts a focus on understanding and developing relationships between people, which is essential in becoming a productive and proactive member of society. It also highlights issues in our society- sexual orientation, gender struggles, patriarchy, gay rights- which are often swept under the rug. I declared a minor in SGS in hopes of not only having a better understanding of social change, but of one day being a force in seeing positive change for sexual minorities come to fruition. College is often defined as a time for growth, expansion, direction- the Sexuality and Gender Studies minor provides that opportunity.

Cait Henck ’12