Sexuality and Gender Studies


Students pursing this minor will graduate having acquired a level of literacy to better understand the social forces related to sexuality and gender that affect the individual, the community and the culture at large. Studies in the minor’s curriculum will inquire into the disciplines of biology, psychology, education, sociology, anthropology and sociocultural understandings as influenced by religion, socioeconomic, ethical, and political paradigms.

The benefits of a minor in Sexuality and Gender Studies include:

  • Enhancement of student professional preparation and development as future educators, counselors, researchers, and administrators.
  • Graduates will have transcripts indicating the completion of a Sexuality and Gender Studies minor.
  • Emancipatory opportunities that provide meaning and literacy are available as students elect to inquire into the academic field of sexuality and gender studies.
  • Critical thinking skills and the creation of undergraduate research opportunities will be developed.
  • Students improve cognitive and affective proficiencies through the course sequence with contributions also to be made towards student development relative to multicultural understanding, compassion and awareness.