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The BA/MLitt couples the strengths of the undergraduate theatre major with the unique Master of Letters/Master of Fine Arts (MLitt/MFA) program to offer residential students an intense immersion in arts and letters. MBC’s undergraduate theatre and MLitt/MFA programs offer a unique initiative that enables a student to earn both degrees in five academic years. (Earning the two degrees would typically take six years or more.)

Undergraduates in the Adult Degree Program should be advised that the undergraduate theatre major is available primarily on the main campus in Staunton. ADP students who are interested in pursuing the Master of Letters in Shakespeare and Performance should consult with their advisor.


First Year: First-year students contact the head of the undergraduate theatre department to investigate the necessary courses and review requirements. Students begin to fulfill both general education and core requirements.

Second Year: In consultation with head of undergraduate theatre, students continue to take general education and core requirements while working towards fulfilling the theatre major.

Third Year: While continuing to fulfill the menu of courses, students will prepare their application portfolio and meet with the head of undergraduate theatre and the director of MLitt/MFA to review their admission status.

Fourth Year: The student begins work at the graduate level while completing her undergraduate degree.

Fifth Year:The student finishes MLitt course work and completes, presents, and defends their thesis.


  • 3.5 GPA in theatre major
  • 3.35 overall GPA
  • Portfolio of written/performed work or GRE
  • Interview with head of undergraduate theatre program and director of MLitt/MFA
  • Participation in unified auditions and graduate projects