Social Work


Students in the BSW program are required to complete a field practicum. Field Practicum is completed in the spring semester and after the completion of all course work (general education requirements as well as major courses).

The field practicum consists of 450 hours of field work over a thirteen week period in a placement approved by the Mary Baldwin social work department. Students attend the class SOWK 400 Social Work Field Instruction, also known as Field Seminar, while simultaneously participating in their field practicum. Fifteen semester hour credits are awarded for successful completion of field instruction. Student’s time while in class will count toward the 450 hours of field work. An orientation to field will be held for students eligible for field placement each fall to discuss requirements for the field practicum, steps necessary to initiate placement and other considerations, as appropriate.

Applications for Field Practicum are submitted to the Field Director at the beginning of the fall semester preceding the spring in which field will be completed and will only be considered for students who have both declared their major and who have been accepted into the social work program. Applications must be signed by an academic advisor and must include a current resume, including relevant experience (voluntary and/or paid).

An orientation for field instructors will be offered to orient new field instructors and to facilitate information sharing regarding any changes within the social work program, as appropriate. Field Instructors (as well as students) will be provided a copy of the current Field Instruction Manual for their review and to serve as their guide to field instruction in Mary Baldwin’s social work program.

During field practicum, students are required to receive a minimum of one hour of clinical supervision weekly by a bachelor’s or master’s level social worker at the field placement. The Field Director would need to approve any exceptions to this credentialing requirement and may require additional documentation from the placement agency.

A minimum of two site visits will be made during the field practicum by the Field Director. This will provide an opportunity for the Field Director to further assess the student’s performance in the field practicum as well as the placement resource’s ability to provide learning opportunities as outlined in the Field Instruction Manual while receiving the support and consultation desired from the social work program.