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“To investigate humanity for the purpose of service”

In 1920, Dr. Emory Bogardus created Alpha Kappa Delta by gathering together a group of 14 faculty and graduate students for the purpose of discussing research methods and findings, and promoting scholarly writing.

The name, Alpha Kappa Delta, was chosen because the letters represent the first letters of the 3 classical Greek words that embody the function of this group:

Anthropos: mankind
Katamanthano: to examine closely or acquire knowledge
Diakoneo: to do service.
Anthropon Katamanthanein Diakonesein: To investigate humanity for the purpose of service

In 1924, the United Chapters of Alpha Kappa Delta were formed, and the society began to grow internationally. Since its inception, the aim of Alpha Kappa Delta has been to stimulate and promote scholarship, with a focus on the fellowship of students, both undergraduate and graduate. With our high standards of program quality and scholarship, the sociology/social work department of Mary Baldwin College was conferred a charter of Alpha Kappa Delta in the spring of 2004. We are the 21st chapter to be established in Virginia, and we are the Phi of Virginia Chapter of Alpha Kappa Delta.

Our first induction ceremony occurred in spring 2005, with nine new members of Alpha Kappa Delta receiving their honor cords. Juniors who qualify for membership in the society will receive an invitation by mail during their fall semester. If you believe you qualify and have not received a letter, please contact Dr. Carey Usher, the chapter representative, at .

To find out more about Alpha Kappa Delta, please visit the society’s home page at