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“Dr. Ivy Arbulu was my professor, advisor, and mentor for my four years at Baldwin. Through her dedication to me as a student and travelling twice to Argentina with her, she taught me about the world outside of MBC and all the opportunities that it holds. Having studied Spanish and travelling abroad has really helped me in the work force and in learning about others. I wouldn’t change any of my experiences for the world! It has made me the person I am today!”

Elizabeth Barrows ’02
I have been living in Puerto Rico since April 2003. I am working for a private language institute teaching adults English. And for the international people that have moved to PR, I teach Spanish. Most of our clients are large multi-national corporations.


“Professor Arbulu inspired me to double major in Spanish and political science. I studied in Spain for a semester, and was a Russell Scholar, and studied the folk dance of southern Spain. After graduation, I moved to Spain and worked as an intern at the Fulbright Commission in Madrid. Then I moved to Seville and taught English for a couple of years. After I moved back to the United States, I worked as a translator and then went to law school. The Spanish language has enriched my profession because I have a wider choice of careers. The Spanish language has enriched my life because whole cultures are available to me.”

Meredith Leigh Hamilton ’98
Associate attorney in family law

“My time at Mary Baldwin, particularly my four years spent learning under Dr. Ivy Arbulu and Dr. Carrie Douglass, has prepared me for my current professional endeavors and has helped to shape who I have become. My first study abroad experience was to Spain with Dr. Douglass. That experience helped to broaden my perspective of the world and inspired me to continue my cultural and academic travels. Ivy has been a driving force in my academic career and has taught me a great deal about being a well-rounded professional, and intellectual woman. With her encouragement, I learned to think deeply, work with determination, and speak what most would consider fluent Spanish.

After completing my studies in Spanish with a Latin American studies focus at Mary Baldwin in 2002, I went on to teach 4th grade in Barranquilla Colombia. In 2006, I received my first master of arts degree in Latin American studies from American University in Washington D.C. and am currently completing my second masters degree in international education at the SIT Graduate Institute in Brattleboro, Vermont.

Had I not received the support and encouragement I received from Ivy and Carrie I most certainly would not have continued to pursue this path, fusing together education with cross-cultural understanding and language acquisition. My time spent at Mary Baldwin in both Ivy and Carrie’s classrooms was life altering and I carry those learning experiences with me always. “

Allison Irby ’02