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Joanna Torres ’11
Crónica De San Gabriel: Comparative Lifestyle and Tolerance Issues Among Peruvian Andean Populations
Crónica De San Gabriel, by Julio Ramon Ribeyro, is a Peruvian novel that depicts the life of a typical wealthy Andean family of the early 20th century through the eyes of a Limean adolescent. Although Ribeyro claims that it is not an indigenous novel, predominant themes surrounding the treatment of indigenous people by the Peruvian upper class tend to prove otherwise. Joanna’s thesis explores these themes in a quest to prove that it is, in fact, an indigenous novel.

Jessie Labadie ’07
La escritura femenina en la poesía de Ana Rossetti
In this thesis, Ms. Jessie Labadie applies Hélène Cixous concept of “écriture féminine” to interpret Ana Rossetti’s poems in Los devaneos de Erato.

Ashley Barksdale ’06
¿Por qué no soy mexicano?
An essay exploring the meanings and cultural connotations of the concepts of “mestizo” and “indígena” in contemporary Mexico.

Nancy Fermoselle ’03
La pluma del Mariel
Through an analysis of Exiles and Outcasts: A Collection of Short Stories by Cecilia Rodríguez-Milanés, Ms. Nancy Fermoselle discusses who were the Marielitos — the Cubans who escaped through the port of Mariel in 1980 — and how they were received, stereotyped, and treated by the Cuban-American community in Miami.