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May Term in Latin America or Spain

Learning to weaveEvery other year students travel with a Spanish faculty member to a Spanish speaking country. While abroad, students experience total immersion in the language and culture: they live with local families, and they attend conversation and culture classes at a host university. In addition, students enjoy the social and cultural life of the city they are visiting by going to the theatre, museums, galleries, concerts, popular sports events such as soccer games, etc.

Spanish students also have the possibility to do community service abroad and earn academic credit when they travel in May Term with MBC faculty and students to Perquín, in El Salvador. While in Perquín, they work as interpreters helping their MBC peers and the faculty communicate with the community members. Under the guidance of a Spanish instructor, students act as the liason and open the doors of communication between the MBC group and the Perquín community. Take a peek at the 2010 trip to Perquín: (Many thanks to Lys Petersson, filmmaker and participant on the trip.)

The May Term abroad trip also has a travel component. Typically, the last week of May Term is dedicated to visit other important cities or sites of the visited country. Countries visited in previous May Terms are Argentina, El Salvador, Mexico, Peru, and Spain.

The next May Term Abroad trip will take place in April-May 2012 in Cuernavaca, Mexico.  Students can earn up to six credit hours by enrolling in SPAN 218 and SPAN 150 or SPAN 210.  While in Cuernavaca, students will learn Spanish in a classroom setting, as well as in their daily interactions with their Mexican host family.  This study abroad experience includes cultural workshops and excursions to Mexico City, Puebla, and Taxco. Download the flyer (PDF).

May Term in Latin America

Dorothy Mulberry Travel Scholarship
Spanish alumnae, students of Professor Dorothy Mulberry, established this scholarship to encourage study and immersion in a Spanish speaking country. The scholarship gives priority to Spanish majors over minors, and to students who want to study abroad for an extended period of time, for a year or a semester.

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