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Social Sciences, Business, and Global Studies Social Sciences, Business, and Global Studies

In the School of Social Sciences, Business, and Global Studies, students examine how people around the world organize and communicate in social systems. Consider the use of power, the creation of wealth, the distribution of the world’s resources, the diversity of cultures, and stewardship of the environment. They learn about managing conflict and promoting peace.

Students use global challenges such as war, poverty, and human rights as context for the application of theory in practice. They share an interest in current events and often pursue careers in business, law, government, the military, and community development.

Motivated to learn more about underserved populations and the world’s disenfranchised people, their interests are both local and global. These changemakers find opportunities to study abroad and learn in depth about Asia, the Middle East, Latin America, and other world regions and learn to think on their feet and express opinions with confidence and clarity.

Robyn Stegman in India
Mary Baldwin has instilled in me an innovative spirit. It also is one of the few colleges in the nation that connects global and civic engagement, and though it seems like such a natural fit, we don’t realize how rare it is to have that insight.
— Robyn Stegman ’09