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Social Sciences, Business, and Global Studies Social Sciences, Business, and Global Studies


Social Sciences

Join a family of faculty and staff whose research interests range from gender and sexuality to criminology. At MBC, professors are committed to your success and understand the interdisciplinary nature of the college experience.

Carey Usher
MBC’s sociology program offers a diverse sampling of subdisciplines — such as medical sociology, community and urban sociology, and pop culture — instead of just a standard review of the basics. Graduate-level statistics and methodology training provides a focus on understanding inequalities and developing altruism in our students. Students work with faculty members who are actively involved in research.
–Dr. Carey Usher, associate professor of sociology
Bruce Dorries
MBC’s personalized approach has great advantages for students. Professors know them and can help them build upon their unique talents. In the communication major, students receive hands-on instruction from practicing professionals. Students develop critical thinking, public speaking, media writing, and visual communication skills — which they practice in student media, service-learning projects, and local internships.
–Dr. Bruce Dorries, associate professor of communication and faculty-in-residence at MBC’s Spencer Center for Civic and Global Engagement


MBC’s innovative approach to the business major represents the wave of the future, integrating civic responsibility with academics and career preparation. Sustainable business means meeting achieving profitability goals while making socially responsible decisions.

Kara Jenkins
I think it’s important to know that you might not know exactly what your course in life will be when you come to college. College is a place to learn who you are, and the options and opportunities at MBC truly allow you to do that. My advisors and other faculty and staff have really pushed me; they have seen potential in my abilities. I never thought I would become so close and open with them, and it’s very reassuring that there is always someone to guide you through your years here.
–Kara Jenkins ’11, business major

Global Studies

Being a part of something much bigger than yourself is second nature to students at Mary Baldwin College. Take Robyn Stegman ’09. In just a few short years, this international relations major studied in a Buddhist monastery, designed a service-learning lesson plan for a trip to El Salvador, organized a social entrepreneurism series, and was one of the first to complete MBC’s unique offering, Semester of Service. Today, Stegman fights domestic poverty through service in AmeriCorps’ VISTA program.

Robyn Stegman
Did I follow the direction I set out on as a freshman in college? Certainly not. I had the privilege of being at Mary Baldwin when the Spencer Center for Global and Civic Engagement was created, and that really changed my path. I would never have known my job was out there had it not been for MBC’s civic engagement initiative.
–Robyn Stegman ’09