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Candace Christy '12

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Hannah Scott '10

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Olivia LaRose '10

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Lindsey Gwaltney '09

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Cheyenne Crawford '08

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Colleen Pendry '08

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Brecken Geiman '07

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Ellen Michael '04

"I am fascinated by the concept that deconstruction can represent a certainty in the impossibilities of textual analysis. Out of this, my work has come to touch upon the multiplicities of a narrative's interpretation.". View her slideshow.

Janice Breeden '01

"In an ever changing world of pandemic warnings and mutated genes and species, I ask the question, “What will we become thousands of years from now?” With that thought, I have conjured a culture of regenerated creatures that blur the line between microorganisms, plants, and insects. The images are presented in an illustrative format documenting an ethereal world of mutated beings which are the result of biogenesis- the theory that life comes from life and regenerates itself over time.

Organic shapes textured with nature’s patterns illustrate the drama of survival and the return to our prehistoric roots. The layers of collaged monoprints, painting, and drawings mimic the layers of process in evolution and parallels the way our existence is shaped by our own hands." View her slideshow.

Suzanna Fields '97

Artist and Coordinator of Marketing and Public Affairs, Virginia Museum of Fine Art. View her slideshow.

Yuki Machi '98

Artist and freelance illustrator/designer in Japan. View her slideshow.