Studio Art

Drawing in Prague


The focus of the May Term course, Drawing in Prague, is to absorb the culture, spirit, and history of Prague and the Czech Republic through the processes of drawing and the study of art on location, as well as reading assignments and discussion. Immersed in the history and culture of one of Europe’s most beautiful and enchanting cities, students will draw, sketch, and journal at every site and cultural institution visited. Another vital part of the course is a series of scheduled lectures, tours, and studio visits with Czech artists and visual art professionals. The attention to culture in this course is significant; for, in the Czech Republic where people have lost their faith in organized religion and politics, culture functions as a key domain for vision, hope, and for working out social, political, and intellectual problems. In addition to living and studying in Prague and the Czech Republic, Drawing in Prague inspires students to more deeply understand the capacity of art to profoundly reflect and embrace both the beauty and darkness of human condition. The course will be offered next in May Term 2016.