Studio Art


Introducing both traditional and alternative processes, the printmaking emphasis allows students to explore lithography (polyester plate), book arts, relief, silkscreen, monotype and monoprint techniques, etching and “non-etch intaglio type” (photopolymer film) processes. Printmaking is supported by a digital media lab which includes Macs, Epson Perfection scanners, laser printer (used for both film positives and polyester plates), NuArc MSP 3140 multi-spectrum exposure unit and an Epson Stylus® Pro 4800 printer. The studio promotes a non-toxic environment and includes a Conrad E-30 intaglio/litho press, ventilated etching room with an airbrush aquatint station and a vertical etching tank using ferric chloride. Students receive instruction in both traditional and cutting-edge techniques, providing them the opportunity to build competitive portfolios.