• MBC produces five shows every year
  • All women’s roles are restricted to students and students fill all production roles
  • High level of opportunities to participate in productions allows students to get more exposure to theatre than they would at larger institutions
  • Students have the opportunity to gain hands-on experience in the area of the theatre that interests them: scene painting, set building, singing, acting, publicity, playwriting, stage managing, etc.
  • The collaborative nature of producing each show reinforces skills in organization, teamwork, leadership, and responsibility
  • Faculty work closely with students in all aspects of the discipline
  • With professor permission, an undergraduate can take graduate classes in the masters level Shakespeare and Renaissance Literature in Performance (Master of Letters and Master of Fine Arts)
  • Undergraduates are encouraged to audition for graduate-level productions
  • Undergraduates are encouraged to pursue a variety of internships in professional theatre
  • Theatre, by nature, is a lot of work … and a lot of fun