Physical Training

pushupsVWIL encourages a life-long commitment to health and fitness. In three fitness workouts each week, cadets develop their strength and endurance. The workouts are geared to  help every cadet succeed on the VWIL SET (Strength and Endurance Test). The SET consists of a 1.5 mile run, sit-ups, and push-ups. It is based on physical fitness standards for women and complements the fitness standards of the military services. The MBC exercise specialists are available to work individually with students on all aspects of fitness, nutrition, and stress management to ensure that every student is making progress in meeting standards. The physical training (PT) cadre of cadets works closely with the Commandant and helps conduct fitness sessions, testing, and fitness improvement programs.

In addition to the weekly PT sessions, VWIL cadets are required to take three MBC fitness courses throughout their four years.  Cadets are encouraged to participate in MBC NCAA varsity and club sports.

Halloween PT

Cadets in costumes to work out at Halloween PT

Freshmen are required to participate in the Leadership Challenge Program (LCP). LCP convenes each week and offers one semester hour of academic credit. It promotes the development of self-confidence, teamwork, and tests your ability to challenge yourself. LCP includes ropes courses, obstacle courses, self-defense, rock climbing and rappelling, hiking, camping, biking, caving, and white water rafting. Upper class cadets serve as cadre members in the LCP program.