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Am I getting the right exercise?

Flashback to the ’80s when Olivia Newton John was brazenly telling everyone she met, “Let’s get physical!” It’s still true today, and maybe even more so. Advances in technology have us sitting a lot more than our leg warmer–wearing predecessors. But it doesn’t, thank goodness, mean we all have to start running five miles a day.

Find out what your body responds to. And definitely check with your doctor before you start training for the Ironman (Ironwoman!). See what’s happening at the PAC (Physical Activities Center). You can also visit and see a list of over 100 ideas for little ways to add extra exercise to your day. (Here’s one: don’t drive from Sky 1 to Sky 3!) And the TestWell Wellness Inventory can help you figure out where your strengths and weaknesses are and how to deal with them. So the next time you hear Olivia sing “Let’s get physical”, you’ll say, “Okay Newton, I’m in!”