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Am I prepared for a career?

Perhaps you’re the kid who, since age seven, has frequently and decidedly declared, “I’m going to be a doctor!” And maybe you’re the kid who looked at the doctor kid and wondered, “But how do you know?”

It’s okay to not know what you want to be when you grow up. (And it’s okay to know, too.) It’s unlikely that your first job out of college will be the same job that 40 years later is giving you an engraved picture frame thanking you for four decades of service.

In other words, don’t freeze with the pressure of finding THE job. But DO have a plan. Learn how to put together your resume — and how to ignore the 27,000 differing opinions on what the best way to do a resume is. Let MBC’s Career Center help you map out a plan. And take the TestWell Wellness Inventory to see where you fall in the realm of occupational wellness.