Boldly Baldwin word mark

Am I taking care of myself?

Do you wear your seatbelt? Sunscreen? Have you ever uttered the words, “I don’t know why I’m sick. I got two hours of sleep last night and had three Ho-Hos for breakfast.”

Stress, or fun, or a combination of the two keeps us from taking care of ourselves like we should. But when your body has had enough, it tells you loud and clear. That’s when we get sick. And it’s not just the common cold these days. There are enough scary flus and viruses traveling through the world to make you want to live in a bubble.

Start with the basics: doctor, obgyn, dentist, and eye exams — REGULARLY. And if you haven’t been, GO NOW! Waiting makes it harder. Trust us, going to the dentist after a seven year hiatus is not fun. Use the health center. Check out what the Centers for Disease Control has to say. And definitely take the TestWell Wellness Inventory. Because there’s a whole lot more to taking care of yourself than the occasional Flintstone vitamin.