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The MBC Student Employment Opportunities

Supervisor Responsibilities

The Mary Baldwin College Student Employment Program (SEP) is designed for experiential hands on learning that will inspire, mentor and coach students for future professional expectations and career endeavors.  All student employees will receive guidance, resources, and job skills they can apply towards their career after graduation.  We focus on responsibility, accountability, job etiquette, and many other aspects of employment.

  1. Verify that students are working scheduled hours and are not exceeding scheduled awarded hours.
  2. Ensure that student is not working more hours than awarded to them per semester as provided on Contract and no more than 8 hours in a day.
  3. Ensure that student have read the Student Employee Handbook.
  4. Validate that the student has signed the Student Employee Handbook Agreement.
  5. Supervisors must keep a copy of all student employee schedules.
  6. Follow all guidelines in regards to students who are not following employment guidelines.
  7. Ensure students are not working during class time.
  8. Notify student and Student Employment Coordinator in writing if the student is not performing all duties in compliance with departmental and SEP policies.

Questions? Contact: Katilyn Duggins,, 540-887-7228