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The Writing Center


 The Writing Center will be closed Wednesday, November 26 – Monday, December 1 for Thanksgiving Break.  Our final day for the semester is Friday, December 5.  We are closed during exam week.

Interested in working at the Writing Center?  Want to improve your own writing?  Thinking about a career in writing, editing, or teaching?  Sign up for INT 270, Teaching Writing, Theory and Practice, offered spring 2015, MWF at noon.   INT 270 carries W credit.  For more information, contact  .

Getting started is as easy as 1-2-3!

First, read our FAQ’s .

Secondregister with our online scheduler:

Third, log-in.  First visit? Click the blue link. Your ID is your MBC email address.

      Hints: Choose a password you’ll remember. Take your time filling out the Registration Form. You’ll only have to complete this form once each academic year.

How to schedule an appointment once you are registered:

White boxes/spaces on the schedule indicate available appointment times.  Choose one , click on the box, then answer the questions on the appointment form:.

  • Specify the type of appointment: face-to-face or online. (Only students who live 25 miles or more from campus may reserve an online appointment.)
  • Specify the length of the appointment in the pull-down list from 20-50 minutes.
Need help navigating the schedule?  Click the yellow word “help”.

Limits: one appointment per day, 2-3 appointments per week. Questions?  See our FAQ’s

Note: If you must cancel an appointment, do so in advance of your appointment by going to the schedule, clicking on your appointment, then clicking the “cancel this appointment” box at the bottom of the appointment form.  Tutors can NOT cancel for you; you must do this yourself.  Avoid “no shows”:  cancel an appointment you cannot attend. 

Online Sessions:  

When you make an appointment, you will specify face-to-face or online.  Five minutes before your online appointment start time, log into WCONLINE, then click on your appointment block on the schedule.  Click the red “begin online session now” line. Make sure the camera and microphone on your computer are up and running, get your headset squared away (if you want to use one to screen out background noise), and wait for your tutor to join you. If you’ve already attached a paper, it will show up on your screen; if you want to upload a paper, do that before your tutor joins you.  In the instant messaging box, you can type a message like “Hi, I’m on-line now” to let your tutor know you’re online and ready.