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Evaluating Writing

Best Practices/Teaching of Writing

Writing across the curriculum (WAC) and writing in the disciplines (WID)

  • The WAC Clearinghouse. Scholarly exchange about communication across the disciplines.
  • Young, Richard. 2011. List of 155 ways to include brief writing assignments in classes. From Toward A Taxonomy of “Small” Genres and Writing Techniques for Writing Across the Curriculum. Practice & Pedagogy. Fort Collins, Colorado: The WAC Clearinghouse.
  • Writing Across the Curriculum Handouts. The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Center for Writing Studies. Handouts on writing to learn, assigning writing, and responding to writing.
  • WID Writing Handbook Project. George Washington University.  Disciplines represented include literature, economics, news writing, political science, philosophy, microbiology, and psychology.
  • Writing Across the Curriculum. George Mason University.  Resources for faculty on supporting multilingual Writers, assignment design, and dealing with student error.