Advisory Board of Visitors

The Mary Baldwin College Advisory Board of Visitors (ABV) is a vital part of the college community, offering expertise and guidance to current students.


"MDCHS ABV Group", 10242014

“MDCHS ABV Group”, 10242014

What is the ABV?

The ABV is comprised of alumnae/i and friends of the college who have been invited by the president to serve on the board. Members provide a variety of services to MBC, including promoting the college’s mission and priorities, assisting with and planning special events, and facilitating a personal development and leadership mentoring program called the Sophomore Mentoring Advisory Resource Team (SMART), where members mentor participating students one-on-one to help them further develop their career interests and goals.

Capstone Festival
Members of the ABV volunteer to help students prepare for an annual showcase of exceptional senior projects known as the Capstone Festival.