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Student Alumnae/i Relations Society

The Student Alumnae/i Relations Society (STARS), as an organization, has the main goal of the positive promotion of Mary Baldwin College.

This goal is accomplished through a variety of activities and events to increase Mary Baldwin College students’ awareness of the Alumnae/i Association.

October 29, 2014

October 29, 2014









STARS sponsors the following for current students:

Freshman Bonfire

A fun get-to-know-you bonfire held at the new fire pit near the Pannill Center.  Friendships are made with hot chocolate, snacks, and live music on a beautiful fall evening.

Sophomore Sitdown

This is a special dinner to honor the Sophomore Class, an opportunity to socialize and meet local alumnae/i, and enjoy delicious food served by the STARS.  Sunday attire and RSVP is required.  The purpose of Sophomore Sitdown is to showcase how sitdown dinners used to be.  Eta Beta Pi was a sorority/club/group of young women who worked in the dining hall, serving meals to the student body of MBC.  They carried large, heavy trays of food from the kitchen to the dining room.  Meals were served at large tables, family style.  The Eta Betas ate their meals last.

Junior Munchies at Midnight

This year our junior event was Munchies at Midnight! The STARS invited the junior class to join them from 11:00 p.m. until 1:00 a.m. for snacks and drinks.  The juniors were also invited to decorate coffee mugs for themselves as our gift to them.

Spring Fling

The unofficial welcome to the Alumnae/i Association has become the time when the class leadership team is announced for the graduating class.  The STARS (except for senior STARS) host Spring Fling to honor the graduating class.  Each year is a different theme, past themes include — Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, Game of Life, Oh the Places You Will Go, May Day, The 80’s, Alice in Wonderland, and Follow the Yellow Brick Road. The theme for 2012 was “Pearls of the Past” Mad Men Style!, 2013 “Queen of Hearts“!, 2014 A Masquerade Affair!, and 2015 The Roaring 20’s-The Great Gladys!


Other STARS activities:

The STARS are also a huge part of the support staff during Family Weekend in October and for Reunion in the spring.

To become a part of STARS you must be recommended by faculty or staff and approved by the current STARS board.  Contact us at


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Advisor:  Angela J. Cline, Alumnae/i and Parent Relations, Office Manager