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Health is a matter of managing illness or disease. It is said that if you do not have either, you are healthy. Wellness, on the other hand, can be achieved with or without health. It is a matter of “well being”. The degree to which one experiences wellbeing is related to the choices an individual makes across a number of life’s elements. To name just a few, wellness includes career, social, community, physical, spiritual, financial, and community well being.

It has also been said that wellness is the fruit of wholeness. A garden may serve as a good illustration.  If one tends to their life so that all aspects are addressed (often at varying times and degrees), needs for purpose and satisfaction can be met without depletion or stagnation.

The MBC work-site wellness program, Well by Choice, is made available to all MBC faculty and staff. Specific options within the program are available only to those who select the annual health screening and coaching program offered to Anthem subscribers. Our mission in all cases is to provide a culture of wellness at MBC through policies, programs, partnerships, events, and services.

This is the place to come to get information, be challenged, and learn about opportunities on campus and in our neighboring communities. Mark the page, check back often. We will be ever-changing, growing, and increasing our wellness offerings.

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Mary Baldwin College Wellness Incentive 2015

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