Greetings from 1965 Class Secretary, Ann Mebane Levine

Here is my first post to the new Class Acts Forum! As Class Secretary, I am the only one who can actually post to this from our class, but any classmates can then comment on the post to share their news, or, as I mentioned in my email to all of you, you can send me your notes via email which I will then be able to post to this forum! Let’s all give it a try to see how this works! We no longer will have to wait months to see our news in the Magazine!

My big news is that I just bought a new car! As a Subaru owner since 1990, I decided to stick with what I knew, and got a new 2014 Subaru Forester in Jasmine Green. I got all the bells and whistles, and just love it. I will try to attach a photo of me with my new car! I’m looking forward to hearing YOUR news!

Ann and her new car

Ann Mebane Levine is currently the Class Secretary for the Class of 1965. After 32 years of living and working in West Virginia (West Virginia University), Ann retired in 2004 and moved to Atlanta to be near family, and especially grandkids! She remains actively involved as a volunteer in grandchildren's schools, her church, The Carter Center, and as a leader in her "Senior University," a lifelong learning program for retired people at Mercer University in Atlanta.
  1. Amanda Minix Reply
    Ann, I like your new car! Welcome to the Forum. We are so excited to have you join us!

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