News from the class of 1958

MARTHA “M.T.” THULIN Leynes-Selbert, “I am married and still living on a little farm with animals: 3 cats, 3 dogs, 2 little horses.  I love being a caretaker, especially of the 2 mares that I ride around the place once in a while.  My 3 children are all doing well, and 2 of them live nearby with 2 each of my 5 grandchildren.  One son lives in NJ with wife and the other grandchild.  I’m active at church and its Pentecostal where Jesus is exalted and His Holy Spirit moves…never knew what I was missing as a child in Presbyterian Church.” JUDY GALLUP Armstrong, “I have become a Referral Agent after 36 years as a full time Real Estate Broker. If anyone knows of someone who wants to buy, sell or invest in real estate almost any place worldwide, I can show them who the real experts are so they get excellent professional service anywhere- and it’s free! It’s a great free service.  Just go to my web page at judyarmstrong.com to see how!!”  Girls Night Out in Oklahoma, September 10, 2013 hosted by Shawn Thompson.  Attendees included:  LOLLY CATCHING Anderson ’71, JOYCE APPLETON Hickey ’58 and SHAWN BROWN Thompson ’83

Angela Cline is office manager for the Mary Baldwin College Office of Alumnae/i and Parent Relations and Advisor to the STARS (STudent Alumnae/i Relations Society).

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