News from ’72’s!

Greetings Class of ’72!

Hope everyone’s doing well and getting ready for a super summer! ┬áPlease take a minute to share your news with other ’72’s (….thankfully, I’m not referring to our age…yet.) ┬áJust click on this post and type some tales.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Jill Butler Pendleton, class secretary


  1. Cathy Ross Reply
    Things are going so well! I just got back from a three-week research trip to England, where I visited Rugby School, Winchester College, Westminster School, and Eton College, four of the great English "public schools." I'm writing a book on the ways in which the English Romantic writers were educated, and have a three-year Provost's Fellowship from The University of Texas at Tyler to complete it. This past year I was inducted as one of the twelve Founding Fellows of the University of Texas System Academy of Distinguished Teachers. We were selected from among the faculty of all nine system campuses and are in the process of publishing a book of teaching advice for university faculty, called "The Little Orange Book" [orange is the UT color and we are using Harvey Pennick's little green and red books of advice on golfing as our model.] My husband and I are about to take a break from all my research and writing and all his work (he and his partner are building contractors) to spend two weeks in Oregon. Can't wait to get out of the Texas heat.
  2. Jill Butler Pendleton Reply
    Cathy, You get the prize for being the first to respond! Congrats on such a great teaching honor! And keep us posted on the two books you're writing. Jill
  3. Conni Atkins Reply
    On Thu, May 16, 2013 at 5:51 PM, sanders lewallen wrote: Dear Jill, In addition to the good news for us being back in our home in West Palm Beach it was a fortuitous turn that allowed me to adventure on my first transatlantic relocation cruise to the Mediterranean Sea by way of the Canarias Islands and some other ports before flying home from Italy. Lizzie, I finally had a chance to briefly experience Firenze- in the pouring rain which was glorious with all the colorful umbrellas and glistening cobblestones, sculpture, myriad of shops and architecture. The food,drink, etc. are amazing wherever I visited and the topographical part of Tuscany I saw reminded me of parts of the Shenandoah Valley as did the countryside around Rome. This was indeed an adventure and I am so very grateful to have had the opportunity. The Atlantic Ocean is a most incredible depth of blues and light. And when we passed through the lines of sargasso in the middle of one of the planet's precious oceans the patterns and designs on the surface reminded me, exactly, of the designs in lapis lazuli gemstones. Having met astronaut Story Musgrave when we worked in Ft. Myers and seen his amazing portfolio of pictures from space one realizes immediately that God's hand, when we chance a glimpse, is consistant and therefore reassuring. And seeing Gaudi's La Sagrada Familia church, now Basilica, was/is tear- renderingly powerful. It is the only "cathedral" to God being built, as I write, on the planet! The chance to see it was the reason I took this trip. But, I've discovered the cruise ship concept is not for everyone and certainly not for this squirrel. It was akin to being in a huge velvet boot camp. I can assure you that when I saw my first bird I crossed the ages and immediately connected with Noah! Next time ( hopefully there is one) I'll fly over the oceans and take a much smaller boat (with a sail? ) for the landings. P.S. I encourage any animal behaviorists or psych majors to take a trip on a cruise ship - the larger the better - for an in-depth study in hierarchical human behavior.
  4. Barbara Butler Leonard Reply
    I have no travel tales now, but will later, after a trip to Istanbul and then Georgia (the country) in October. Visiting children is fun. Thomas and Ashley and baby Liam have been near Seattle, but moving to Boston area. Charles and Bentely (his dog) love Austin and we visit whenever he says ok. Alden's happy is DC, very busy between demanding PR job and painting (aldenleonard.com) and fun social life.
  5. Claudia Turner Bagwell Reply
    It's great to hear everyone's news. Mine is that my husband and I welcomed our first grandchild -- a boy-- in February. My daughter and her husband live only a few blocks from us, so we see him frequently. It's fun being grandparents!
  6. Caryn Gove Long Reply
    It is nice being retired and receiving both a pension and a social security check! My husband and I can afford the time and money to travel and we will do so as long as our health permits! Summer 2014 to Spring 2015 has been a turbulent year for me. I was very busy being the chairperson for our West Volusia Historical Society Holiday Tour of Homes that was the second weekend of December. In October, we went to Pittsburgh where my husband, Lewis, officiated at my nephew Charley's wedding. We visited my brother in Maryland at the same time and I was shocked at how ill he was from prostrate cancer. Three days after the Home Tour, we flew with our oldest son to visit our youngest son who is a Marine officer stationed at Iwakuni, Japan. We had a wonderful time visiting Japan and walked with all of the locals to a temple in Narita on New Years Day. Shortly after returning to the states, I received a call from my brother that the doctors were giving him less than 2 months to live. I made it up to Maryland to see him one last time before he died on Feb 12. Cherish your family. You do not know how much you will miss them until they are gone.

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