Alumni Photos Fall 2013

ELYSE RICHARDSON Barnard '02 recently went back to MBC this February and met with her adviser and good friend Dr. Dan Sthulsatz and his wife Sheila Smith (who works as a professor for ADP program). Here is her daughter Celia Jo Lynn getting her first lecture by Dr. Dan. Jo and Hallie Bea were also snuggling with Sheila. “I know we have two more squirrels in the making!”
JAN HADDRELL Connors ’65 hiked in the Cotswolds and Cornwall during a Road Scholar trip to England in summer 2013.
JULIE LODGE ’94 and Jeb Hutton were married September 1, 2012.
The photo was taken the day of the premiere of the award-winning documentary Big Bets: 100 Years of Southern Company in 2012. Julie Slavik Budnik Executive Produced the award-winning show. Photo taken at Atlanta's historic Fox Theatre last Summer. L to R Kris Johnson (Producer), Elena Mappus (Project Manager) & JULIE SLAVIK Budnik ’84 (Executive Producer).
BARBARA WILLIAMS Craig ’61 and PATRICIA "PATTY" LIEBERT Riddick ’61 at MBC September 15, 2012.
Memorial Day, May 28, 2012. MARY FRANCES FERRELL Shay ’40 is seen here with President and Mrs. Obama and Secretary of Defense, Leon Panetta. Mary Frances is a member of The National League of Families of American Prisoners and Missing in Southeast Asia.
SHEILA YOUNG ’83 writes, “As we were coming into Belfast ME, Bruce and I are standing on the pilothouse of Beacon Won.”
MARY BETH REED Smythe ’47 out for a ride in the red convertible with a friend!
Photo taken at "Bo" Taber's memorial reception on Feb. 7, 2013. Seated, L to R: FRANCES WENTZ Taber ’62 and LINDA DOLLY Hammack ‘62 Standing, L to R: MARGARERT SAUNDERS Hayes ’62, ANTOINETTE HARRISON Jamison ’62 and SANDRA SYKES Gray ’62.
Taken Sunday, 1/27/13 - From left to right, at the south end of Central Park: JUDY GALLOWAY ’69, ANGIER BROCK ’69, Lida Caudle (Angier's granddaughter), Rob Caudle (Angier's son), and CAROLYN "STUFFY" WEEKLEY ’67. Judy lives in NYC. Carolyn was there for a lecture and booksigning in regards to her new book, Painters and Paintings in the Early American South at the New York Winter Antiques Show.
Pictures from left to right: NICOLE BUTLER ’11 and RUTH WALLEN ’11 with Ruth’s son Vladimir at the Chicago zoo in May 2013.
CAROL ANN EMORY ‘65 and husband, Ed Tomashewsky, in Central Park, NYC
CAROL ANNE EMORY ’65 with her brother Hamlin and his new bride, Virginia Morris.
TIFFANY RICHTER DeBrock '99 and her husband Brent were blessed with the birth of their beautiful daughter, Ava Richter DeBrock, on April 19, 2013. Ava weighed 8lbs., 5 ounces and was 21 inches long.
Three of our 1967 MBC alumnae got together the summer of 2012 in New Mexico – DIANE NICHOLS Rogers, PEBBLE (CYNTHIA) STONE Moss and their hostess, SALLY STOWERS Oliver.
Pictured from left to right: JENNY HOLSHEY ‘10, MARIA SOUKUP '10, ROBYN STEGMAN '09, bride LOGAN DILL Zeigler '11, and MEGHAN CUMMINS Nelson '10 at Logan’s wedding on campus in May 2013.
SAMANTHA ENGSTLER Wilson '11 with husband Ryan Wilson at his graduation from Naval Basic Training in Chicago in February 2013 .
ERIN HALL Singleton’s '10 wedding in Charleston SC on Nov 2, 2012. From left are WELLA BELSER Chetney '11, CAROLYN MAJCHSZAK '10, PATRICE JONES '08, ANNA PEREZ '12, ERIN HALL Singleton '10, JESSICA PORTER Pretz '10, MAGGIE CONNELLY '08, GRETCHEN DOMALESKI '11, JOSSELYN GLEASON '11, AIMEE SANFORD '11, and JASMIN BAILEY '11.
ERIN BALLEW O'Reilly ’04 and MEGHAN WARD ’04 with Erin's new baby, Keswick
FELICIA BYRD ’11 proudly holds her son, Nehemiah Xavier Byrd born July 3, 2012.
There was a strong Mary Baldwin presence at the celebration of 1975 alumna LEE JOHNSTON Foster’s selection as an honorary alumna of The College of William & Mary in May 2013, recognizing her 25 years of service to the college. In attendance at the reception following the ceremony: (front, l-r) KATE SCHULTZ ’02, CLAIR CARTER Bell ’76, BETTY “BOO” JOHNSTON Miller ’79, (back, l-r) ANNE LEE FOSTER ’14, MARTHA BLAKE Rex ’68, JANE KORNEGAY Eng ’83, LEE JOHNSTON Foster ’75, and LAURA JOHNSON Schultz ’75.
MARGARET GUNTER Riddle ’65 is off to San Diego to attend a memorial service for my great uncle, who was killed there in 1905 in the explosion of the USS Bennington gunboat. He was the only officer killed of the 66 men who died. About a year ago, I published a book about him and the tragedy, Ensign Newman K. Perry and the USS Bennington Disaster. The photo is of me, my book, and a young cousin, Perry, who is related to our MBC classmate BETSY WALKER Cate ‘65, and who was named for Ensign Perry. Perry’s last name is Cate. Betsy Walker Cate is my first cousin, her brother is young Perry’s father, so Perry Cate is her nephew and my first cousin once removed.
SARA JANE BEABOUT Hartman ‘65, Cheryl Filsinger Held, and DOROTHY IAFRATE Rudy ‘65 get together for a Madrid (1963-64) reunion in NYC
JACKIE SIMMONS Chavez ’11 and CANDACE KLEMENTOWICZ ’11 at Jackie’s wedding September 2012.
MBC Director of Development, Janet Peacock and MEGAN BROCK ’91 at the Foxfield Races in Charlottesville VA, September 30, 2012. (photo by Alison Kaufmann ’07)
L to R JUDY HANLEN ’77, Dr. Whitney Stevens Reidy, JILL BEYMER Stevens ’77 at Whitney’s wedding, May 12, 2012 in Chicago.
Charlotte Elizabeth Ross Hening was born November 16, 2012. Proud parents are KATY HANSON Hening ’08 and Ross and big brother George.
MARIAN GORDIN ‘65 and Molly Mitchell in Ely, Minnesota on 10th anniversary dog-sledding trip
MELISSA FORD HOLLOWAY ’99 and her husband made the trip from London to Edinburgh for KATE MCDONALD Reynolds' ’99 ordination to the diaconate at St Mary's Episcopal Cathedral, Sunday 30th September, 2013.


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