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Logan Dill

“I’m getting the most out of my time here. The program challenges me to move past my comfort zone and grow as a student and as a person.”

Logan Dill ’11

What is the Global Honors Scholars Program?

MBC’s Global Honors Scholars Program offers you a challenging and engaging path to achievement through a rich array of classes, hands-on experience, and connections on campus, in the local community, and beyond our borders.

Academic Enrichment

  • Your Honors Advisor: You work with a member of the honors faculty, distinguished by superb scholarship and commitment to talented young women
  • First Year Seminar: Working with the renowned American Shakespeare Center’s actors and directors, your honors class gets behind the scenes at the Blackfriars Playhouse to complete an original project or take a special science enrichment course.
  • Meet world leaders, artists, and scholars: You’ll be invited to exclusive events where you spend quality time with visiting dignitaries such as the year’s visiting Doenges artist.
  • Honors Courses: Exclusive access to interdisciplinary colloquia in the arts, sciences, and humanities; honors classes and honors contracts; independent research, creative projects, and teaching assistantships

Perks and Privileges

  • Special Events: Dean’s Reception and welcome for new upperclasswomen
  • Living-Learning Community: special housing for Honors Scholars
  • Priority in course registration and the room lottery
  • Field Trips: Dance, theatre, concerts, and more
  • Honor Scholar Society: After your freshman year become a leader in the Honors Scholars community and help plan special events.