Applying for the Honors Degree: The Capstone Project

Scholars apply for candidacy for the Honors Degree early in the senior year (November 1 for May graduates; March 1 for January graduates). To be approved as a candidate, a student must

  • be recognized as a Global Honors Scholar for at least three semesters
  • have completed one lab science course and one year of foreign language courses
  • have accumulated at least 9 hours of Honors credit
  • have a cumulative GPA of 3.5 or higher

At the time of application, the Honors Degree candidate proposes an honors project or thesis. The project or thesis is subject to close supervision of a faculty member and must be judged to be of exceptional merit by an examining committee.

The Capstone Experience

Global Honors Scholars are frequently recognized for outstanding senior projects
such as these:

  • Lindsey Aldred, “Why Doctors Scare Us: A Correlative Study of Healthcare Professionals’ Affect Displays and Patient Anxiety
  • Randi Beil, “The Degradation of Bisphenol-S Under UV Light”
  • Ashley Edmiston,  “Reclaiming Rome: Pope Nicholas V’s Humanist Building Projects 1447-1455”
  • Linnea Kuglitsch,  “Best Obtained in Seclusion: Landscapes of Healing and Pleasure at Marienbad and Baden-Baden, 1820-1880”
  • Emily Miller, “Community Leisure for Self-Improvement: The Beginnings of the Chautauqua Movement, 1874-1915”
  • Olivia Samerdyke,  “State of Frankenstein: Uses and Gratification Theory, Horror and World War II”