Junior Dads and Family Weekend

November 21-23, 2014

History of the tradition …

Few events in a young woman’s life are more memorable than the day she receives her MBC class ring. Junior Dads Weekend was conceived by the Class of 1969 as a way of recognizing the day juniors receive their beloved college rings, one of the highlights of their time at Mary Baldwin College. Ring styles and family structures have changed dramatically in 40 years, but the moment when students catch the first glimpse of that small piece of jewelry still holds special significance. Now known as Junior Dads and Family Weekend, the event celebrates the important role of the whole family in supporting a successful young collegiate woman. The main event remains the Ball, when students invite a special family member to present them with their rings at a formal ceremony, followed by a dance.

It is a rite of passage and a time to celebrate family.

RSVP to the Office of Student Life (540-887-7221) by November 5