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Allyson ClinePeer Mentor Profile – Allyson Cline

Year of Graduation: 2015
Major: History
Minor: Education

Career Goals: Become a secondary history teacher, then to become a history professor

Classes taken at MBC: ANTH 202; ED 115; HIST 101; HPUB 230; MBC 101; SOC 282;
ED 120; ENG 102; HIST 102; MATH 150; POLS 111; INT 177

Areas of strongest Academic interest/strength: History/Humanities and Education


Sport: Softball/baseball
Hobby: Guitar
Band: Coldplay
Song: “Crossroads” By Eric Clapton
Color: Green
Food: Chicken Pot Pie
Book: Sherlock Holmes novels
Movie: Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
Actor: Benedict Cumberbatch
Actress: Rachel McAdams


Hometown: Carlisle PA
Siblings: Two older sisters
Pets: One dog named Sammie
Favorite trips: Going to England over Christmas break 2011, and going to
Oklahoma with my dad for the summer 2009