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Peer Mentor Profile – Alexandra Johnson

Alex JohnsonYear of Graduation:  2014
Majors:  Spanish and English
Minor:  Education
Career Goals:  Teach Spanish to high school students

Classes taken at MBC:  PSYC 211 (Adolescent Psychology); CHEM 101 (Forensic Chemistry); BIOL 100 (The Living World); AMERS 230 (Intro. to American Studies); SPAN 201 (Advanced Spanish); SPAN 205 (Spanish Composition); ED 115 (Foundations of Education); ED 120 (Understanding Exceptional Individuals); ENG 102 (Intermed. Comp.); Choir; Baldwin Charm; SGS 263 (Dimensions of Human Sexuality)

Areas of strongest academic interest/strength:  Spanish; English


Sport:  Sports aren’t my thing.
Hobby:  Video games
Band:  Ayumi Hamasaki
Song;  Too many to list!
Color:  Purple
Food:  Eggplant parmesan
Book:  Night by Elie Wiesel
Movie:  Gladiator
            Actor:  Bruce Willis
Actress:  Sandra Bullock


Hometown:  Baltimore
Siblings:  2 sisters; 1 brother
Pets:  4 dogs; 1 cat
Favorite Trip:  New York City