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Brittany KondratenkoPeer Mentor Profile – Brittany Kondratenko

Year of Graduation: 2015
Major: Political Science with Pre-Law
Minor: Mathematics, History, and possibly French

Career Goals: To become a lawyer that preferably focuses on family law and brings services to
underprivileged citizens

Classes taken at MBC: Orientation to College, Investigation of the Sciences, Introduction to Calculus
I and II, Intermediate French I and II, American Government, General Physics I, General Sociology,
Foreign Policy, Intermediate Composition, Ballroom Dance, and Information Literacy

Areas of strongest Academic interest/strength: Mathematics, Political Science, and French.


Sport – Tennis
Hobby – Beading
Band – Nickel Creek
Song – “Turning Page” by Sleeping at Last
Color – Purple
Food – Hamburger
Book – The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne
Movie – Chaos Theory
Actor – Channing Tatum
Actress – Toni Collette


Hometown – Culpeper, Virginia
Siblings – Robbie (25), Jessie (24), Joshua (16), and Matthew (5)
Pets – One fish
Favorite Trips – Bush Gardens (2011)