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Peer Mentor Profile – SaraBeth Watkins

SaraBeth WatkinsYear of graduation: 2014
Major: Theatre
Minor: Psychology, if I minor in anything at all.
Career Goals: Exotic animal Keeper/Vet/Rehabilitation

Classes taken at MBC:

  • COMM 277 Egyptian Cinema and Culture
  • Eng 220 American Lit: Colonial to Romantic
  • INT 213 Classical Greece/Rome
  • JPNS 101 Beginning Japanese
  • INT 103 Information Literacy
  • BIOL 112 Diversity of Life
  • COMM 100 Public Speaking
  • ENG 203 Children’s Lit Before 1900
  • MATH 150 College Algebra
  • PHIL 102 Introduction to Ethics

Areas of strongest academic interest/strength: Biology courses (preferably ones that focus on animals) that have hands on lab sessions.


Sport: Softball
Hobby: Costuming
Band: Scary Kids Scaring Kids or Family Force 5
Song: “Empire” by Kaddisfly
Color: Changes every day
Food: Grilled Cheese Sandwich w/ Bacon & Pear or Chocolate Mint Cupcakes
Book: The Pendragon series
Movie: Jurassic Park
Actor: Johnny Depp or Fred Astaire
Actress: Reese Whitherspoon or Audrey Hepburn


Hometown: Summerfield, NC
Siblings: Joseph, my little brother
Pets: Lily, my pound puppy
Favorite trips: Fourth of July at Sunset Beach, NC