Pre-Medical and Allied Health Fields

What do I take and when?

Like all other students, you will need to complete your basic studies requirements, the required courses for your major, and free elective hours to total the 132 hours needed to graduate from MBC. Since almost all health professional programs are now at least master’s level academically, you will likely be spending four years here before going on to a professional school. Most medical professions schools, like medical schools, expect you to graduate from college before attending.

Some disciplines, such as pharmacy, allow you to apply in your sophomore year then move to the pharmacy program for another four years, leading to a doctoral degree. For these reasons it is imperative that you learn all you can about the programs that interest you and take the appropriate courses at the right times. In addition to courses required by the professional schools, there are other classes that are recommended to strengthen your application. You should also try to work these into your program.

Certain biology, chemistry, and physics courses require pre-and/or co-requisite classes. These are outlined in the Academic Catalog. It is the student’s responsibility to review this information and to discuss prerequisite requirements and course sequencing with the premedical sciences advisor and/or academic advisor.