Institutional Review Board (IRB) Members 2014–15

Any member of the MBC community may contact any member of the IRB with questions or concerns about research involving human subjects.


Dr. Lewis Askegaard Institutional Research 540-887-7122
Dr. Kimberly Craig Psychology 540-887-7218
Ms. Janet Ewing Business Administration 540-887-7055
Mr. Richard Fletcher Director, Testing and Evaluation, Staunton City Schools (unaffiliated member) 540-332-3920
Dr. James Harrington Education 540-887-7163
Dr. Heather Macalister, Chair Psychology 540-887-7032
Dr. Patricia Murphy Psychology, Adult Degree Program, Richmond 804-282-9150
Dr. Lydia Petersson Sponsored Programs & Undergraduate Research 540-887-7235
Dr. Lisa Shoaf Physical Therapy 540-887-4317