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Institutional Review Board (IRB)
Members 2013–14

Any member of the MBC community may contact any member of the IRB with questions or concerns about research involving human subjects.

Dr. Lewis Askegaard Registrar/Institutional Research x7122
Ms. Janet Ewing Business Administration x7055
Mr. Richard Fletcher Director, Testing and Evaluation, Staunton City Schools (unaffiliated member) (540)332-3920
Dr. James Gilman Philosophy/Religion X7065
Dr. James Harrington Education x7163
Dr. Heather Macalister, Chair Psychology x7032
Dr. Patricia Murphy Psychology, Adult Degree Program, Richmond (804)282-9150
Dr. Lydia Petersson Sponsored Programs & Undergraduate Research x7235

Departmental Reviewers
Departmental Reviewers are the suggested first point of contact when a student, faculty member, or staff member has a question about a whether a proposed project is subject to review by the IRB. Contact the secondary reviewer if the primary reviewer is unavailable.

School of Arts, Humanities, and Renaissance Studies

Art and Art History Dr. Lydia Petersson Dr. Lewis Askegaard
English Dr. Lydia Petersson Dr. Lewis Askegaard
History/American Studies Dr. Lydia Petersson Dr. Lewis Askegaard
MLitt/MFA Program Dr. Lydia Petersson Dr. Tamra Willis
Music Dr. Heather Macalister Dr. Lydia Petersson
Philosophy and Religion Dr. James Gilman Dr. Roderic Owen
Theatre Ms. Theresa Southerington Dr. Lydia Petersson
World Languages and Literatures Dr. Heather Macalister Dr. Lydia Petersson

School of Education, Health, and Social Work

Health Care Administration Dr. Steven Mosher Dr. Heather Macalister
Education Dr. James Harrington Dr. Tiffany Barber
MAT Program Dr. James Harrington Dr. Tamra Willis
Physical Education Ms. Sharon Spalding Ms. Irene Sarnelle
Social Work Dr. Gauri Rai Dr. Kathy McCleaf

School of Social Sciences, Business, and Global Studies

Business Administration Dr. Robert Klonoski Ms. Lallon Pond
Communication Dr. Bruce Dorries Dr. Lydia Petersson
Economics Dr. Heather Macalister Dr. Lydia Petersson
Political Science Dr. Laura van Assendelft Dr. Heather Macalister
Sociology Dr. John Wells Dr. Daniel Stuhlsatz

School of Science

Biology Dr. Lundy Pentz Dr. Heather Macalister
Chemistry and Physics Dr. Peter Ruiz-Haas Dr. Heather Macalister
Mathematics Dr. John Ong Dr. Heather Macalister
Psychology Dr. Heather Macalister Dr. Louise Freeman