Baldwin Alert Messages

Sign up now. Your safety depends on it.

StateUniversity.com has ranked Mary Baldwin College #5 Safest School in Virginia.

StateUniversity.com has ranked Mary Baldwin College #5 Safest School in Virginia.

Campus Safety

Mary Baldwin College has a record of having one of the safest campuses in the country, and is committed to preserving that status. Each member of the MBC Campus Safety team is committed to professionalism, integrity, vigilance, and helpfulness. Each officer within Campus Safety is certified through the Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services. MBC Campus Safety sustains a close working relationship with the City of Staunton Police and Fire departments and other emergency service providers.

A safe and secure environment does not just happen. Every member of the MBC family is encouraged to sign up for the Baldwin Alert Message, or BAM,  system designed to quickly deliver messages to students, faculty, and staff in the event of an emergency on or near campus.

For Assistance:

For all emergencies dial 911, or from a campus phone press 8 then 911

The office of Campus Safety is the main answering point for in-coming telephone calls to MBC. To reach Campus Safety do the following: dial “0” from any campus phone; dial extension “7000” from any campus phone; dial 540-887-7000 from any telephone.

MBC main campus also has twenty-two (22) Emergency Call Boxes across campus. You can reach Campus Safety by pressing the red “Emergency Help” button or lift the telephone handset and the phone will automatically dial Campus Safety.

Emergency Call boxes are located on each of the Residential Halls and in the area of each large parking lot. There are two styles of Emergency Call Box. Please take the time to observe and familiarize yourself with the location and designs of the Emergency Call Boxes.

Black_WRevisedMap-2emergphoneRed Alert Red box