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Student Organizations Procedures and Privileges

Recognition Process

  1. To be recognized, an organization must present a constitution to the SGA Senate for approval and provide the Constitutional Revisions Committee of SGA an electronic copy of the document.  Additionally, the organization must submit the names of the student who are interested in being a club member (a minimum of ten members is required), and the name of a faculty or staff member who has agreed to serve as an Advisor.
  2. Member(s) of the organization must be present to answer questions at the SGA Senate meeting when recognition is requested.
  3. Executive Committee of the SGA must also approve recognition of the organization.

Maintaining an Active Organization
To maintain your organization’s active status you must complete the registration process below.  All information is to be submitted to the Office of Student Events within the first two weeks of the start of school.

  1. Obtain, complete and submit a copy of the Club Registration Form
  2. Review, revise and submit a copy of current Club Constitution
  3. Submit an up-to-date Club Roster

Recognition Privileges

  • The right to reserve and use Mary Baldwin facilities.
  • The right to publicize on campus.
  • The right to use the Mary Baldwin College name as part of the organization’s name.
  • The right to invite speakers to campus.
  • The right to qualify for awards and honors given to college organizations.
  • The right to establish dues and sponsor fundraising projects.
  • The right to apply for funding from the Student Activities Fund.
  • Access to a variety of services provided by the Inter-Club Council and Office of Student Events including leadership development workshops, event planning assistance, etc.

Questions?  Contact Erin Paschal (Director of Student Events) in Kable House 115.