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What is the MBC ID Card?

MBC ID cardThe MBC ID Card is the identification card for members of the Mary Baldwin College community. The MBC ID Card is your campus Library card, your Meal card and also a bank card, which will allow access to your personal SunTrust bank account throughout the community.

What is the MBC ID Card used for?

  • Identification
  • Library circulation
  • Dining Service access
  • Purchases at various retailers (when activated thru SunTrust)


Where do I get my MBC ID Card?
The MBC ID Card is distributed through the college’s Security Office. You usually get it when you pick up your dorm keys from that office.

What if my MBC ID Card is lost or stolen?
Your MBC ID Card is an important part of everyday life at Mary Baldwin College. Care should be taken to ensure that your card is not lost, stolen or damaged. If your card is lost or stolen, and you have a bank account with SunTrust, immediately report it to SunTrust. You will also need to go to the security office on campus to have a new card issued. A replacement card will cost you 10 dollars.

How will I use my card to access Dining Services?
You are required to present your MBC ID Card at Hunt Dining Hall, the Ham and Jam Pub, and the Nuthouse. The card will then be swiped to verify that you are on the meal plan (which is included in your room and board), and used to manage your Meal Account. If your card is activated thru SunTrust, you will also be able to make retail purchases at these locations.

How do I activate my card with SunTrust?
SunTrust will be on campus at the beginning of the school year. They will assist you in opening an account, which will allow you to use your card at various retailers throughout the community. If you miss SunTrust on campus, you can stop by one of their local branches to open an account.

Who will accept my MBC ID Card?
Any merchant who has an electronic key pad. The key pad will enable you to type in your PIN. Some stores include Wal-Mart, 7-Eleven, Food Lion, and TJ Maxx.

What are the components of my MBC ID Card?
Your MBC ID Card is made up of the following :

  • Digitized picture—used for identification
  • ISO number—encoded on the magnetic strip on back; used for banking transactions
  • Bar code—used as access for Grafton Library
  • Meal Plan number—encoded on the magnetic strip on back; used to manage your Dining Services account