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Summer Week Courses 2012

Staunton Campus June 25–29

Summer Week courses cannot be registered through myMBC online registration. You must use the Summer Week online registration form on the main Summer Week page to register. You will receive an email confirmation of your registration.

Course Descriptions

*Please Note: AMST 230, BIOL 142, CHEM 120 have been cancelled.

ART 125L GSW Intro Art Education Holt, Barbara C. 8:30-11:30am A 3
CJ 299L GSW Crime Scene Investigations Davis, Douglas L. 1-4pm   3
ED 315L GSW Diff Strategies in Inst/Asses Sped Cooper, Laurie A 8:30-11:30am   4
ED 323L GSW Language Acquisition and Reading I Bryant, Sharon A 1-5pm   3
ED 324L GSW Lang Acquistn/Reading II Practicum Dulaney, Kristin A 8:30-11:30am   4
HIST 202L GSW Virginia History Potter, Edmund D 8:30-11:30am D 3
INT 222L GSW Social Science Statistics
(cross-listed as BUAD/COMM/ECON/HCA/POLS 222L)

Usher, Carey L 8:30-11:30am Q 3
MATH 157L GSW Math for Elementary Teacher II Dorgan, Karen 1-4pm Q 3
SOC 300L GSW Sociological Theory Robinson, Robert 1-4pm   3
SOC 320L GSW Research Methods Robinson, Robert 8:30-11:30am R 3
SOC 400L   Senior Seminar Robinson, Robert 1-4pm M 3