Boldly Baldwin word mark



  • Actor
  • Casting Director
  • Costumer
  • Producer
  • Artistic Director
  • Teacher
  • College Professor
  • Stage Manager/Assistant Stage Manager
  • Production Manager
  • Scene Painter/Designer
  • Publicist/Writer/Editor
  • Director
  • House Manager
  • Box Office Manager
  • Education Director in Professional Theatre
  • Dramaturge
  • Technical Assistant
  • Film Producer/Production Assistant
  • Costume Designer/Top Hand/Assistant
  • Sales: Insurance, Medical Equipment, Theatre Equipment
  • Minister
  • Lawyer

The Rosemarie Sena Center for Career Development is dedicated to helping students transition successfully from college to career. Staff members provide career-related assessment, occupational/vocational exploration, decision-making skills development, and job search and/or graduate school assistance.